Improve your Problem Solving and Decision Making skills – Part1

Throughout and during our journey in life we will be faced with numerous problems. Some are big problems requiring much time and efforts to solve whilst some are relatively smaller problems, requiring lesser efforts. As long as problems beset us, they will cause continuing difficulties and could hinder our journey in life. We have to solve them and we can learn how, by learning how pilots solve problems in the cockpit.

Pilots are trained to solve problems and to make decisions. In fact from the time that they report for work until the end of the flight, pilots are expected to solve any problems and to make decisions pertaining to the flight.

Throughout their career pilots go through various training programs in the classrooms, in the simulator as well as on the actual aircraft to equip themselves with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools to be able to solve problems during flight. In the simulator they will be subject to various problems, from the simple to the most complex of problems. In fact any problems that one could possible think of will be given to them to deal with. And because they are well trained for this and they do this so often in the course of their work, they become good at it.

Sad to say in life we are not trained nor taught in a similar way on how to deal with problems. As such how many of us can actually deal with our problems? Most of the time we refer to someone with more experience like our parents or our elders and seek their advice. Some of us even seek consultation from professionals. Not many of us know how to deal with many of life problems.

We can however acquire the right skills and tools by learning from pilots and looking at how they handle problems. In my next posting of life lessons from the cockpit, I will detail steps taken by pilots when faced with problems during flight.

Written by Azharuddin Osman

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