How not to get lost and stay on course

How often do we see people wandering around in life and going through life without any sense or purpose? Some will get swayed or side tracked and not achieving what they have set out to do. Some get into trouble and are unable to find the right path to continue on life’s journey. I have seen it many times. So what can we learn from the cockpit’s discipline to help us stay on course?

Well in this life lessons from the cockpit, I will describe to you the similarities between our life’s journey and the aircraft’s, what the pilots do to ensure the aircraft stays on track and ultimately reaches its destination.

The first thing a pilot does when he is in the cockpit is to go through the technical log of the aircraft to determine unserviceable items. This is necessary as the unserviceable items could impose some limitations on the flight. He then initializes the aircraft’s position, which is telling the aircraft where it is with regards to the environment. In life, this is akin to us knowing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and our limitations. These are necessary information as without knowing our own limitations, we might be doing things beyond our capabilities and setting goals in life far beyond our own capabilities at that time and therefore unachievable.

The next step is to tell the aircraft its destination. After telling the aircraft where its destination is, the pilot then programs the route of the journey inside the onboard computers. Similarly, before we can embark on our journey in life, we have to know our destination; what is it that we want in our life. Once we know what we want in life, we can then make plans on how to achieve them, just like planning and programming the route for the flight in the aircraft. All we need to do now is to make sure that we stay on course by monitoring our journey and turn back on course when we have deviated from track. If we stay focused we will definitely get to our destination in life.

In summary, the following are lessons learned from the cockpit on how not to get deviated in life, to help stay on course and finally reach our destination.

• Know who we are by knowing and realizing our own strengths, weaknesses and limitations,
• Set our destination, that is know exactly what we want in our life,
• Plan and program in our mind on how to achieve what we want in life, and
• Continuously reviewing that we are on track get back on course when we have deviated from our journey.

Written by Azharuddin Osman

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