Hi my name is Azhar. I have been a commercial pilot for over thirty five years, having accumulated over 18,000 flying hours flying as a line pilot, management pilot as well as instructor pilot. This is my story……

As a skinny little boy back in the 1950s, I developed this love for planes but never thought that I could be a pilot. This love soon became a passion and I told myself that this was the profession I wanted to be in. Back then there was not much information for anyone who aspired to be in this profession. There were no computers to search for information regarding flying schools or the profession itself, and whatever books available were mainly about planes.

However and lucky for me, fate had it that in 1971 I was selected for flying training as a “pilot” at the QANTAS flight training school in Sydney. This happened after numerous unsuccessful application for the position of “flight navigator” and “flight engineer.” Lessons learned for me then “remain focus, belief in oneself, and persist with your dreams.” I have been a pilot ever since and have enjoyed tremendously my life as a line pilot, management pilot and as a flight instructor on the various aircrafts that I flew.

When I came back from my flight training, I was assigned to fly the Fokker F27 as a copilot. I was promoted to the Boeing 737-200 fleet after a few years on the F27. I was made a Captain on the F27 in 1978 after serving a total of five years as a copilot. From there I was promoted to the B737-200 which I served for ten years. I was then promoted to command the McDonnel DC10 where I served for three years. After that I was promoted to the Boeing 747-200/300 where I served for another one and a half years before promoted to the B747-400. I flew the B747 aircraft type for twenty years before my retirement from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in 2012.

After my retirement from MAS I am now flying on the Airbus A330 with another company in Malaysia.

In the course of my career as a pilot, I discovered a lot of life lessons that we could learn from the strict cockpit discipline and the rigorous training that a pilot has to go through throughout his career. Some of these could be used in our daily life.

This blog is therefore about the secrets and lessons that I have learned from the strict cockpit discipline that could help you to overcome difficult situations in life, learning how to build your self confidence and to assist in developing yourselves as a person. I have benefited from it and so can you. I would therefore like to share my experiences with anyone interested, so read on and pass your comments and feedback so I too could learn from you.

Thank you.